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Membership in the Mariposa Friends of the Fairgrounds Foundation is a way to show your support for our historic facility, and to ensure that it will be here filling its vital role today, and that it will still be here when our children need it tomorrow. There are three levels of membership, and we know that you will find the level that suits you best. The membership levels are: Lifetime, Annual Family and Annual Individual.

Interested in which of your friends and neighbors are already members? We proudly display the names of the fantastic supporters who already have memberships below!

There are several ways to join FoF! You can just go to our Store page, and choose the level right for you, or...


Click the donate button in the top left-hand corner of this page, and email your PDF form (at right) to, or...


If you would like to pay using cash or check, please print the PDF form and mail it to P.O. Box 5008-362, Mariposa, CA 95338. 

Lifetime Members:
Dan & Marian Tucker
Merlin & Mimi Jones
Carol Johnson
Tom & Amanda Martin
(AMJ Cattle Ranch, Inc.)
Art & Heidi Richards
(Richards Ranch)
Becky Crafts
(In honor and fond memory)
John Amos
Robin Amos
Pelk & Dorothy Richards
Silas & Francoise Upton
Kevin Shelton and family
Naomi Foley
Keith and Diane Hennager
Chase's Foothill Petroleum
William & Shery Loucks
James & Beverly Suggs
Carol & Bill Suggs
Dolce Vita Cattle Co.
(Charlie McCord & Scott Bening)
Christine and Randy Sharp

Barbara Parker

Norma Jean Turner-Sandlin

Steve & Cathy Dahlem

The Turck Family

Eric and Sue Weihe

Hanna & Jake Wackerman

Inter County Title Company

Mike & Shona Medinas

Thomas & Margie Williams

William & Chelsea Arnold

Mark & Christene Scott

Alison Pool

Richard Westfall

Mariposa Friends of the Fairgrounds Family and Individual Membership:

If you're a member, and don't see your name, please drop us a line so we can fix it!


Allen, Jim and LeeAnn

Anderson, Teresa

Arnold, Larry

Barnett, Ralph and Lana

Biery, Roger and family

Billing,Neal & Julie

Blair, Carol

Bondshu, Danielle

Boze, Cathi and Mitch

Briese, Karen

Brown - Barry, Wendy & Kevin

Brower, Heath & Glenda

Brower, Randy

Bryant, Anita, Tim, Davis & Annie

Bullis, Brian & Michelle

Carroll, Vicki

Casner, Jeanne

Casner, Kaitlyn

Chapman, John and Connie

Chase, Kathy & Chris

Coast Hardware, Do It Best

Cole, Rhonda M

Collins, Eileen and family

Combes, Dorothy Anne

Cramer, Sterling

Crockett, Patti

Davis, Chery

Davis, Gary & Kelly

De Nigro, Angela

Dulcich, Heidi

Estel, Richard

Evans, Sandra

Foley, Leslie & Randy

Gabe, Jeffery & Sandra

Habeck, Thomas & Stephanie

Hallford, Marlene & Gary

Harner, Mark

Hart, Codie

Hatcher, Brandon

Honea, Val

Hoover, Joanne

Kendall, Charles

Kesler, Lyle and Kathy

Kroes, Shaun

Jones, Kathleen and Steve

Judy, Edward

Lambert, Kurt & Becky

Langley, Ken & Janet

Lazdins, Susan

Law, Shelley

Little, Matthew

Little, Mike

Long, Kimberly Rae

MACT Health Board

Mahoney, Jocelynn

Matlock, Roger & Becky

McCamman, John & Joan

McCulloch, Jennifer

McDonald, Chancie

Miller, Carol

Milne, Loretta M.

Mitchell, Susan

Moffitt, Bob & Joan

Morris, Connie

Morrow, Robert & Courtney

Morse, Bob

O'Brian, Pat & Adrianne

O'Hagen, Stacey

Phillips, Tom

Poor, Nicole & Marty

Price, Gerald

Putnicki, Matt & Deborah

Rasor, Amie

Segale, Jessica

Simmons, Karen

Skyrud, Skip & Carol

Smick, Kim

Spacke, Maureen and family

Spacke, Tom & Marian

Spencer, Doris

Stickles, Dean & Gail

Sturm, Don & Penny

Sullivan, Lisa & Jeff

Sullivan, Kim

Theodore, Mary Darlene

Toso, Tony & Danette

Uebner, Rick & Jetty

Vandenberg, Kent

VanderKarr, Lynda & Family

Vasquez, Rosa

Verdugo, Karen

Webb/Souza, Lorna/Lynn

Wice, Dan & Donna

Wiemer, Tina

Wight, John and Nadine

Wight, Pat and Steve

Williams, Keith M & Janet Chase

Williams, Morgan & Matt

Wilson, Marlene

Wittkopf, Jim

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