• When was the Mariposa Fairgrounds established?

    • The Mariposa Fairgrounds was dedicated in 1939.

  • Who owns the Fairgrounds Property and its assets?

    • The fairground is owned by the state of California.

  • How has the Fairgrounds been funded in the past?

    • The fairground receives revenue from its events and RV spaces throughout the year.  In addition to the revenue generated locally, they also received approximately $150,000 from the state of California each year.  

  • Why is the state funding stopping?

    • Most of the funding that the state provided was generated through Horse Racing throughout the state.  With the decline in horse racing and the current budget crisis, the state has pulled the funding for all fairgrounds.

  • How much does the Mariposa Fairgrounds have in reserves?

    • The Mariposa Fairgrounds has enough reserves to remain open through the next Fair.  However, since the facility and its assets are owned by the state of California, the Governor could sweep these accounts at any time leaving the fairgrounds with no reserves. The state does not have access to Friends of the Fairground funds.

  • Is the Mariposa Fairgrounds going to close?

    • We are working diligently to make sure this does not happen, but we must increase the revenue currently being generated at the fairgrounds. That’s the purpose of Friends of the Fairgrounds.

  • Will the state allow another entity to operate the fairgrounds?

    • At this point, the Governor has not proposed any plans to relinquish control of the state fairgrounds.

  • Who is Mariposa Friends of the Fairgrounds?

    • We are a group of local residents who are dedicated to making sure the Fairgrounds remains open.

  • What is the Mission of the Mariposa Friends of the Fairgrounds?

    • It is the mission of the Mariposa Friends of the Fairgrounds to preserve western heritage and promote agricultural education through support of the Mariposa Fairgrounds, and preserve the integrity, value and utility of our fairgrounds by providing for necessary maintenance, expansion and modernization. It is our intent to ensure that our fairgrounds continues to fulfill its many vital roles in our community and to preserve its place as a part of the fabric of our mountain community.


  • Why does the Mariposa Friends of the Fairgrounds need my donation?

    • The Mariposa Friends of the Fairgrounds is a Non-Profit 501c3.  We are raising funds in an effort to keep the fairgrounds from closing.  All the money raised will go directly to the operation and maintenance of the fairgrounds.

  • Will we require future donations?

    • The Fairgrounds staff are working diligently to generate enough income through the rental of their facilities to become self-sufficient. The Mariposa Friends of the Fairgrounds will assist by sponsoring events and helping with capital and operation funds when necessary. To date, we have donated more than a quarter million dollars in goods and services to the fairgrounds.

    • If I join the Mariposa Friends of the Fairgrounds, how long will my membership last?

    • We have both annual and Lifetime memberships available. We do have Corporate Sponsorships for businesses who wish to participate.


  • How would my membership help?

    • We use membership dues and revenue from various fundraisers to help keep the fairgrounds maintained and operational. We call upon our members to help with staffing at fundraising activities.  

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